Friday, 15 March 2013

NAudio on .NET Rocks

I was recently interviewed by Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell for their .NET Rocks podcast and the episode was published yesterday. You can have a listen here. I was invited onto the show after helping Carl out with an interesting ASIO related problem. I essentially built a mixer for his 48 in and 48 out MOTU soundcard. It is by far the most data that anyone has ever tried to push through NAudio (to my knowledge) and it did struggle a bit – he had to reduce the channel count to avoid corruption, but it was still impressive what was achieved at a low latency. However, I’m hoping to do some performance optimisations, and it would be very interesting to see if we can get 48 in and 48 (at 44.1kHz working smoothly in a managed environment). I’ll hopefully blog about it once I’ve got something working.


Hainesy said...

GEEK! Those advertisements are unbearable! Congratulations though.

Unknown said...

hi ASHIK, just use WaveOutEvent and Mp3FileReader.

Blounty said...
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Blounty said...

Hi Mark,

Are you contactable in regards to taking contracts offering advice on building an audio centered application? It's a really exciting app and we would love to speak to you as your expertise would be a phenomenal benefit.



Unknown said...

hi Blounty,

I am sometimes able to offer paid consultancy, usually creating a small proof of concept application. If this is something that interests you, you can contact me using the Contact link at

indrajeet said...

Hi Mark.
I am using NAudio.dll. It is working fine on windows XP operating system. But it is not working on Windows 8 R2 Operating system. I am getting an error : NoDriver calling acmFormatSuggest
Please suggest me. How to overcome form this isssue.

Unknown said...

NoDriver calling acmFormatSuggest - probably means you don't have the required ACM codecs. If you are running a Windows server, try installing the "desktop experience"