Monday, 4 October 2010

Clipboard Access in IronPython

I’m slowly getting into the swing of using IronPython to write small scripts to help me do things quicker. I’ve been updating some of the old posts on this blog to use syntaxhighlighter which is a much cleaner solution than the old mechanism. However, it did require a little bit of text manipulation of each code sample before updating it on the blog. The code simply reads the code snippet out the clipboard, performs a few basic transforms and then copies the transformed code back to the clipboard.

import io
import clipboard
code = clipboard.getText()
brush = 'csharp' if not code[0] == '<' else 'xml'
substitutions = [('&','&amp;'),('<','&lt;'),('>','&gt;')]
for a,b in substitutions:
    code = code.replace(a,b)
print code
code = '<pre class="brush: %s">%s</pre>' % (brush, code)

The clipboard module is my own very small wrapper, which makes use of the Clipboard object from System.Windows.Forms:

import clr
from System.Windows.Forms import Clipboard

def setText(text):
def getText():
    return Clipboard.GetText()


Carl Trachte said...

You should post this to the IronPython Cookbook at

Unknown said...

thanks for the suggestion Carl, I wasn't aware of that site