Saturday, 18 February 2012

Modular WPF Screencast Part 3

Due to popular demand, I have finally got round to recording part three of my modular WPF application screencast series. Rather than jumping directly to a fully featured solution, I wanted to show how we might evolve an architecture step by step, and without being afraid to make some wrong choices that we will need to refactor later.

  • Part 1 covered setting up the framework to use MEF
  • Part 2 covered adding MVVM to make it unit testable

In this episode I walk through adding a new feature, the ability to cancel switching between modules, which turns out to be a bit more tricky than we might have anticipated, and ends up with us creating a templated list of buttons to replace our original ListBox. (n.b. an even better choice might have been to use a tab control, but I didn’t think of that when I created this tutorial, so maybe that can be another refactoring for a future episode).

Also, loads of people are asking for the code, so I have made the Mercurial repository publicly available. In the video, the reason you don’t see me coding, is because I am just switching between revisions of my repository (and it also keeps the video much more succinct). I’ve bought a new headset too, so the voice quality ought to be better than before (although I’ll probably reduce the level slightly for next time). I also tried capturing at 1280x720, so there is a bit more screen real estate. Let me know if this is better or worse.

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