Friday, 8 July 2011

Screencast: Modular WPF with MEF & MVVM Tutorial Part 1

A while ago I began to write a blog tutorial about how to create a modular WPF application using MVVM and MEF. I have decided to present it as a screencast instead, so here is the first part. It uses WPF, but a lot of the techniques I show apply equally well to Silverlight.

My approach is not to start off using MVVM and MEF (or any of the more fully featured WPF frameworks), but to introduce these libraries and design patterns at the point at which they make sense. Hopefully this will make it clearer why we might actually want to use them in the first place.

In this first video I create a very simple application with a menu allowing you to switch between two modules, and show how MEF enables us to work around violations of the “Open Closed Principle”.

I’ve got at least one more episode planned which hopefully will appear shortly and introduce MVVM to make our application more easily testable. If there is demand, I may also post my notes and upload my mercurial repository to bitbucket.

Another reason for presenting this as a screencast is that I am planning to create some NAudio screencasts in the future, and so I need to get some practice in. This one is a little raw as I didn’t do a practice beforehand, but I have tried to keep things flowing along at a reasonable pace. I also know the sound quality isn’t brilliant. Let me know if you think the resolution is acceptable.

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